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We are a full-service bicycle shop that concentrates on bicycles that help families solve problems.   We also carry a full line of children’s bicycles and accessories.

Our main brands are Brooklyn Bicycle Co., Xtracycle, Brompton, Tern, HBBC, Juiced, Haibike, and awesome Cleary kids’ bikes.  We carry a full line of bicycle accessories, including (for example) Yepp, Strider, and Cruiser Candy.

Our services include any repairs you may need, helping you create the custom bicycle that suits you, and our Lifetime Flat Tire Repair and Kids’ Bike Exchange programs.

We rent selected cruisers and hybrids from KHS and HBBC.  This year, introducing ebike rentals!  Cruise down the coast, tire the kids out, or give your guests something to enjoy with you.  We have the right rental bikes and ebikes to make your day complete.  Please see our linked page for available bikes and prices.

We are a full-serserviceHomepagevice shop prepared to handle any customization or maintenance requests and also a welcoming, inclusive environment for new riders with questions. Every decision we make is with our customers’ needs in mind, from the brands we’ve chosen to stock to our Lifetime Flat Tire Repair. If you have a problem, and you think a bicycle can be a part of the solution, bring the it (and the bike) to us and we’ll help you make it happen.

xtracycle homeFamily Bicycles is the way we organize our shop and our service.

Family means bikes for fun, bikes for getting around town, bikes for getting to your latest gig, bikes for kids, bikes for carrying kids, and ways to make bikes safe and useful for everyone.

If you are new to bicycling but think it’d be a good thing to start to understand, we’re here for you.  If you’ve bicycled forever but thought you had to give it up once the kids came along, we used to think that, too.  If you just looked at what your car cost you for the past year and got a little faint, well, that happened to us a couple of years ago.  And if you’d just like to get outside and enjoy some Southern California sunshine, we’ve got a great way to do that.

The right bicycle is the one you like to ride.  Let us work with you to make that happen.